Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Get Eleanor Waldorf's Clothing Line on Rarechic

While watching Gossip Girl last night I thought about two things (well three if you count what Ed Westwick looks like naked): all this incestual dating between the cast makes Serena and Dan dating as Step-siblings normal and, does Lorick still make all Eleanor Waldof's clothes? Well, after clicking around I found that Lorick is still responsible for the flirty fun designs and you can get the line exclusively on Rarechic.

In true TV to life form it doesn't look like the entire collection is out yet but click here to view what I could find currently available online.  On the Lorick website (which is out of this world adorably designed) you can view the complete line.  Here are some of my pics:

There really isn't a better line than Lorick (maybe Milly) to be featured as Waldforf's line and it was a truly inspired example of when marketing and product placement actually drives a story (as I hold up a diet coke can, drink, swallow and smile). 

I mean... of course she would be a ten.. WHY WOULD IT BE ANY DIFFERENT?
Designer Abigail Lorick's line has this modern yet Gatsby feel, and why wouldn't it with the world-wind life this young woman has had.  At 18 Florida born Lorick moved to Paris and Milan to model.  While modeling she found herself falling for the design part of fashion and went to study at FIT in New York while interning at T.S. Dixon.  

By 2004 she designed the entire collection, which directly coincides with my obsession with the brand and the stage in my life where I thought bows still went with everything. In 2007, Lorick was born and the rest.. well, I would imagine its only the beginning for this bitch to behold!


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